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About Jardini International

Our painstakingly cultivated collection of fish are destined to adorn the most luxurious homes and aquariums across the world.

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Why do we do it?

We are inspired by beauty

We let our imaginations run wild

We want to believe in the impossible


Our creations take significant effort and skill to produce, but that is why we derive such great satisfaction in seeing them brought to life. We value the continued existence of these outliers within their species. Their rarity means they would surely disappear without cultivation.


Imagine you are spearfishing in a remote location off the Australian east coast and the anchor on your boat breaks free. It drifts away…leaving you stranded in deep water, more than 100 kilometres from land, desperate and close to drowning.

Founder of Jardini International, Jason Coe, found himself in this exact predicament. The situation was dire, but adrenaline kicked in and Jason started swimming for his life. Exhausted and dehydrated, he swan until he thought he could see the boat in the distance. But it always seemed out of reach and perhaps it was just a mirage?

Finally, he reached out and was able to grasp the edge of the boat and pull himself aboard. A barb on the anchor had just managed to catch the very top of a narrow pinnacle of reef arising from depths of 60m, fixing the boat in place.

This moment changed everything for Jason. An engineer by profession, he had always been an avid lover of nature, had an interest in keeping aquarium fish and was a champion spear-fisherman, a sport that focuses on understanding and targeting specific fish.

He completely re-focused his energy on finding ways to fulfil his passion for fish and established Jardini International. Jason is now a recognised go-to person within the industry.


Jason and his team can offer tailored consulting services including:

Guidance on installing a stunning aquarium

Displaying fish of the calibre offered by Jardini International requires an aquarium or bespoke pool of grand proportions and quality. Let us oversee the design and installation of your luxury aquarium. Understanding sizing, sourcing materials and designers, and ensuring a smooth installation are made easy by accessing our specialist knowledge and skill in project management.

Rare fish sourcing and selection

Looking for something outside our collection? Jardini International specializes in hard-to-find ornamental fish that create excitement. Our networks, aquarium industry experience and reputation for excellence make us a trusted purveyor of rare fish within Australia and internationally. Let us help you in your quest.