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Quality Logistics

Purchasing a beautiful, rare aquarium fish from Jardini International is a seamless experience. We manage all aspects of shipping and importation using the most reliable and reputable partners worldwide.


How long does it take?

From the time that payment is finalised, it takes 10 days to prepare the fish for transport and organise export and import paperwork. Once in transit, the fish are delivered quickly to minimise stress—usually within 24 hours, but it can take up to 36 hours. Our packing process ensures fish are well protected within these timeframes.

How are the fish transported?

The care we take in producing our incredible fish is supported by a meticulous approach to delivering them safely to you. We customize our shipping process for large fish, which are packed based on their size and destination.

For fish up to 35cm (1.1 ft.) in size, the transportation process includes:

  1. Fish are not fed in the lead up to being shipped, to reduce the amount of waste they will produce during their journey, as this can pose a high risk to their health.
  2. Just prior to transportation we sedate the fish, and then sort them to ensure they are of the highest quality.
  3. Each sedated fish is triple bagged to ensure multiple failsafes in the unlikely event of a leakage. Each bag contains 50% water and 50% pure oxygen.
  4. Each bagged fish is carefully placed in a separate airline-approved live fish styrofoam box and delivered by a trusted air freight partner.

Is there a guarantee my fish will be alive on arrival?

In the unlikely event a fish is deceased on arrival, we will replace it at no expense to you.

What regulatory obligations are involved?

Ornamental fish must be imported through a registered importer. We provide you with all required export paperwork electronically on the day that your fish are sent, but we are also here to manage the entire process on your behalf.

Quarantine requirements vary by country. Often, fish can be immediately taken home. In some cases, there may be a requirement for quarantine to inspect your fish a few weeks after their arrival.

What steps are required after my fish arrives?

Jardini International provides clients with a care guide that outlines feeding, cleaning, and aquarium settings required to preserve the health of your fish. You will also receive a water parameters checklist to ensure you can match our water chemistry.

On arrival your fish should be slowly released into a tank with the correct water parameters.

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